About Us

Furnmed believes that the establishment of an anti-racist / non-racial, non exploitative and democratic society depends on the unity of the working class directed at the eradication of oppression, exploitation and discrimination as well as the promotion, development and maintenance of an authentic working class leadership.

In workers uniting and developing themselves so that they control their own destiny and take their historic role as the vanguard at the struggle for liberation.

It is within Trade Union, Employer and Council relationship that bargaining and negotiations take place. However, a very slim chance exists for any bona fide, pro-active and proper negotiations and bargaining unless it is done within a formal structure.

Our Bargaining Council made its leap into history as the “Industrial Council for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry”. This was achieved when the then Minister of Labour, the late Thomas Boydell signed the first Industrial Agreement, which consisted of 5½ pages. It became effective on 16 August 1926. In 1996 this Council was renamed the “Furniture, Bedding and Upholstery Industry Bargaining Council, Greater Northern Region”. In August 2006 this Council celebrated its 80 years of existence and underwent another name change during its amalgamation with the Free State Province’s Furniture Bargaining Council on 26 April 2006 to the “Furniture Bargaining Council”.

Regional collective Executive committee consisting of Employer Trustees, Union trustees, representative of the Bargaining Council and a selected Chairman manages all affairs of the Union collectively.

Eminent Wealth Consult (Pty) Ltd is the Administrator of the society. The decision to contract with HIT as business partner was based on the following unique qualifying criteria:

  1. The ability to seamlessly integrate existing member and fund data.
  2. The ability to effectively bill, reconcile and manage weekly wages per pay point.

HIT an Information Technology company to provide an Administrative system solution for the management of these insured benefits for the Furnmed Sick Benefit Society together with Eminent Wealth Consult (Pty) Ltd.

The HIT integrated platform has given the Union and Eminent Wealth Consult (Pty) Ltd, the ability to:

  • Effectively load and manage membership, card printing.
  • Seamlessly manage society funds.
  • Control and manage weekly wage earning members.
  • Clinically access claims, electronic distribution of remittances to Suppliers and members.
  • Effective management and financial reporting.
  • Open satellite service offices with internet based access via Portal to the frontend user system.

The HIT system integrates with various Third Party systems, examples MSO for clinical risk management and authorization and DRC for Dental benefit management, as Operational administrators to the society.