Eminent Eminent Wealth is a business focused on offering our clients a holistic approach to Management Consulting, Administration Services, Distribution Services and Financial Services underpinned by Compliance to the all Acts governing this industry.

 HIT  HIT is an IT partner for medical insurance and medical aid administration companies in developing markets.

 mso Medical Services Organisation (MSO), provides risk management and disease management services to over one million beneficiaries throughout Africa, Europe and the United States.

 drc Dental Risk Company (Pty) Ltd is a managed health care organisation accredited at the Council of Medical Schemes that specialises in effective dental managed care.

 netcare Netcare 911 (Pty) Ltd is a wholly-owned private entity and is a pre-hospital risk management and emergency assistance subsidiary of Network Healthcare Holdings Ltd (Netcare), which operates and manages the largest hospital, private ambulance service and doctor network in the world...

 mediscor Mediscor PBM is an independent and specialised managed healthcare company. We offer clients an unique combination of high performance technology, industry know-how and measurable results.